The Different Roof Styles for Homes

Roof styles for homes are more than just what you see on your neighbor’s property. Each state has different requirements when it comes to having a roof made for your home. There are many things that you need to know about roof styles to make sure that you pick the right materials for your home. This will make it easier for you to decide which roofing company in Sullivan, Maine to hire.

Roof Styles for Homes

One of the most popular roofing styles for homes is the gable roof. The gable roof looks more like a house or even a barn roof. It is also referred to as a bay or wall mount option. The gable roof replacement is often integrated into the more contemporary style house.

Another one of the most popular roof styles for homes is the high wind roof. The high wind style is also called attic shingles or Roman roof shingles. These are the type of shingles that have three layers instead of two. High wind shingles are commonly used in areas of high winds. Most of the time, the high wind style is used on single story homes.

Probably the most used types of roofing in homes today is the slate or tile roof. These are also known as Spanish house roof types. Slate and tile roofing are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can be installed on the same day and also take very little time to install.

You can choose a flat roof or a sloped roof. Flat roofing is great for areas where space is limited and it comes with an open fascia that is slanted towards the center of the roof. With the flat roof style, the angles are usually not that great and thus the energy efficiency is not as great. With the sloped roof, the angles are steeper and thus the energy efficiency is higher.

Colorbond is another roofing option that offers various roofing shapes. These shapes include round, square and rectangle. Most of these are made of rubber and are very durable and weather resistant. When choosing colorbond, make sure that you get the exact color you want and in the shade that you wanted. This will give you the perfect match.

You can also choose between tiles and terracotta tiles when choosing roofing for your home styles. Terracotta tiles are very expensive and they are not easy to install. On the other hand, if you opt for a low budget roofing solution, then terracotta tiles are a good choice. There are various ways in which you can decorate your terrace and roofing with terracotta tiles such as painting it or giving it a glossy finish. In case you have a terrace that is not that large, then you can opt for just a couple of tiles so that it adds to the beauty of the roofing.

The roofing solutions offered by contractors should be considered carefully. Contractors often offer simple roof designs for houses that do not need many accessories and they are affordable. Simple roof designs for houses are best for apartments and simple house plans. If you have a modern house plans, then you can go for a more elaborate roof design. A more elaborate roof design would require complex installation process but would be the best roof style for modern house plans.

One of the most popular roofing types includes the gable roof. Most of the architects prefer this style because it is simple, stylish and easy to maintain. Gable roofs are best suited for houses that face south, are flat and have sufficient space between the roof and the walls.

Hip roof styles are also preferred by some architects. Hip roofs are also simple in design and easy to maintain. They are ideal for small and simple homes. Hip roof styles are often chosen by homeowners who have enough space between their roof and the house. You should check out your home design in order to determine the best hip roof styles that would work best with your home design.

In case you have a house plan that has large roof structures and the roof style you prefer would not be applicable, then you should opt for a steep gable roof style. These are ideal for large homes that have plenty of space in the attic. You can easily find a number of different styles for steep gable roofs.